Each individual lesson begins with an interview with the student where I gain knowledge on your background.  Questions I ask are any injuries and physical limitations that affect the way you swing the club, the current state of your game, what your current miss is, why you came to see me, past lessons you had, and your short term and long term goals.  
Next, I observe you hit shots and use V1 video analysis to record your swing from face on and down the line.  I will go through your swing on each view and analyze the positions. You're swing will be compared to a model to show you the positions and movement in the golf swing that will produce a more consistent golf swing and ball flight.  I will incorporate training aids and give you drills to enhance learning and make the necessary adjusments or changes.  
At the end of the lesson, I will ask the student to summarize the important conepts covered during the lesson to ensure proper learning.
There are 168 hours in a week and I am with the student for only 30-60 minutes, so what the student does in the other 167 hours is key to learning.  It is my job as an instructor to ensure that the student leaves with a proper understanding of the knowledge and skills covered. 
*All videos can be emailed to student along with an overview of what was covered in the lesson upon request.
Private Instruction

30 min: $55

60 min: $110


9 Hole Playing Lesson: $135



Video Analysis
For $25 you can submit a video of your swing for me to analyze.  Click the "Submit Video" button below and I will return the video with a voice recording

 Click here for directions on how to submit a video of your swing for me to analyze. 



*Note - Payment MUST be received before you submit a video