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Generate Coil to Hit it Further



If you ask any amateur golfer what their number one goal they want to achieve is, their response will be to gain distance.  Well there are a few ways to do so and one of them is the generating coil and torque with an efficient shoulder turn and hip turn.  Power in the golf swing is derived from using the larger muscles in the body on the backswing to form coil.  Use the muscles in your thorax to turn away from the ball, making a one piece takeaway.  The thorax region in your back will create coil and generate torque with your core being the stabilizer between the upper and lower body.  Your shoulders should turn roughly 90 degrees and your hips to about 45 degrees.  You will feel a stretch in your abs and a load into your right hip.  If you overturn your hips to 90 degrees as well as your shoulders,  you create no torque, so don't allow your hips to turn as much as your shoulders do. 
















As you reach the top of your swing the left shoulder should be under the chin with your back facing the target (Picture 1).  As you can see, the student in Picture 2 has only moved his arms without any coil and movement of his chest and hips, which is still pointing directly at the camera.  After incorporating the drills and exercises to strengthen and stretch the appropriate muscles in his body, he is now able to turn and coil beautifully to generate more power (Picture 3)























The  "X" Drill


Get into an athletic golf posture and lay your arms across your chest and form an "X".  Turn the "X" to the right.  You can let your left knee release in a little.  The goal here is to get the "X" to point to the right without letting your hips turn too much.  You should feel a pull in your lower abdomen. Your weight should shift to the inside rim of your right foot (and not roll to the outside) and you will feel the load in your right hip.  This pull feeling is the formation of a tight coil. 
























Another good drill is to lay a golf club across your chest forming the "X" and lay a club or alignment stick on the ground inside your right foot.  On your backswing, your goal should be to get the butt of the club to line up with the stick on the ground. 





























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