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Golf Workouts & Stretches

Hip Flexor Stretch

Kneel down on your right knee with your left leg bent at 90 degrees and your back straight. Raise your right arm skywards and push your right gute forward.  You should feel the stretch in your right hip flexor and quad.  Incorporate a turn to the left and you'll feel a deeper stretch and as well as a stretch in your oblique.  Hold this stretch for 10 slow seconds and go back. Do this three times on your right leg and then switch to the left leg and go through the same motions and sets.

Quad Stretch

Bring your right foot up to your right glute.  Take your left hand and use it as a post with a golf club to help you balance.  Pull your right foot up towards your back and you will feel the stretch in your right quad.  Hold this stretch for 10 slow seconds and go back.  Do three sets on the right leg and then switch and do the same on the left leg.

Band Workout

Put the band around your knees and just above them.  Get into an athletic golf posture and put your hands on your hips.  Take your right foot and move it diagonally back and to the right. Then take your left foot and move it diagonally and back to the left.  Make sure you stay in golf posture while taking the steps.  Take 10 steps backwards with each foot, turn around and do another 10 steps.  That is one set.  Do three sets (so you will be taking 60 total steps).  If you can't do that many, start off doing 5 steps with each foot and work your way up to 10.

Deep Squat

Start off by standing with your feet shoulder width apart.  Take the golf club and hold it over your head with your arms extended.  Squat down to the ground making sure your knees DO NOT move outwards past your toes.  Your butt should go down as far as you can and then push back up through your heels. You should aim to keep your arms from moving forward as you go down.  To increase difficulty, take weights and place them on your shoulders with your elbows pointing out infront of you.  Squat down using the same form.

Standing Row

Stand in an athletic golf posture.  Keep your arms close to your body and let the weights hang. Bring your arms towrads your body in a rowing motion.  Keep your arms close to your body and squeeze your shoulderblades.   Pause for a second, then go back.  Do this 10 times and do three sets.  It is important that you maintain your posture as you do the exercise and do not move your spine angle up and down.

Chest Stretch

Picture 1 - Stand tall and take your arms behind your back, interlock your fingers, and keep them straight. Look up to the sky and move your hands upwards and away from your body. You should feel a stretch in your chest.


Picture 2 - Take a golf club and hold it above your head with your arms extended.  As best as you can, move your arms back and downwards squeezing your scapulas to incorporate a deep stretch.


Picture 3 - Stand tall and place your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers.  Push your chest outwards looking at the sky and push your elbows backwards as best as you can. You will feel the stretch in your chest and feel a slight pull in your upper spine.


Picture 4 - Hold the bar of a golf cart with your right hand.  Keeping your arm steady, turn your body to the left.  You can do this stretch anywhere.  Use a the end of a wall if you are stretching at home.

*Use proper form and caution when performing the above exercises and stretches.  You do not need to pull to hard to stretch your muscles in order for them to lengthen.  Hold the stretch lightly and then incorporate a deeper stretch as your muscles get loose.

Check back soon for more workouts and stretches to help improve your game!

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