My Teaching Philosophy

Each student is different in many ways.  Not everyone has the same body, height, swing type, mentality or physical capabilities.  Therefore, my belief is that teaching a single method to every student will not lead to meaningful improvements that will allow the student to reach their full potential.


Since all bodies are built differently, there are different ways to swing a golf club and do it well.  Keeping that in mind, I adapt my approach to teaching each student to his or her specific learning style and skill level.  Not everyone has the talent, time, or desire to change certain aspects of their swings.  Teaching a new golfer, intermediate golfer and an advanced golfer is different.  Knowing how to effectively communicate with the person in front of you and how to teach different skill levels is something that cannot be overlooked.


It is important that each student lists his or her goals, both short term and long term.  I ask them to answer questions such as:  What do I want to accomplish?  Do I have the time to accomplish what I want?  Do I want more distance?  Do I want to improve putting? Short game? Am I trying to play competitive or recreational?  Do I have any physical limitations?


My goal is to ensure the student enjoys the game and the learning process.  I want them to play better golf, not just swing better.  This is the philosophy that I believe in and has proven to work for my students