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My main goal is to help students of all ages and skill levels consistently shoot lower scores.  Keeping this goal in mind is what drives me to be the best coach for my players.  Each student is different in many ways and not everyone has the same body type, swing type, mentality or physical limitations.

Therefore, my belief is that teaching a single method to every student will not lead to meaningful improvements that will allow the student to reach their full potential.

It is important that each student lists his or her goals, both short term and long term and that we do it together as a team.  I want to ensure the student enjoys the game and the learning process.  The path to shooting lower scores, feeling more confident and taking your game to the next level is a journey that I share with each student.  I want you to play better golf, not just swing better.  This is the philosophy that I believe in and has proven to work for my students.


*Credit card required at the time of booking to hold lesson time.  24 hour cancellation policy.  Cancellations inside of the 24 hour window will result in a charge of half of the lesson cost.


Miami, FL

Rushi has been an amazing instructor and has been truly instrumental to my improvement.  When I arrived at my first lesson I was confused due to an endless rabbit hole of online golf instruction videos.  Rushi was able to develop my swing technically but more importantly, he was able to conceptually help me understand the golf swing.

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